About Gina


For the love of ALL ANIMALS!

I love all animals and have always had a connection with them from when I was a very small child. Animals are very sensitive and receptive to energy. We’ve all seen people who just seem to be animal magnets, the animals are sensing a positive energy and gravitating towards it. Since I was a very young child, I have been one of those people.

My parents taught me to be kind to all living things, so I went through life saving everything from spiders, birds, frogs to dogs, cats, raccoons and any critter in need of help because that was normal for us as a family. 

Today, I still carry that way of thinking and I have expanded my love for animals in many ways over the years. I am an active wildlife and dog rescue volunteer with several rescue groups in the United States and Mexico.


For the love of DOGS!

While I do love ALL animals, I especially love dogs and their amazing, fun loving personalities. I have never seen an equal in loyalty as I have dogs. They show us unconditional love and bring us great joy. I believe that having a pet promotes good health, happiness and an overall state of well being.

I write a monthly article about all things dog for a local publication. I feel that educating the public on humane treatment of animals is the best way to fight abuse and animal cruelty! 

My goal is to someday own a small dog sanctuary that rescues and provides a safe haven to dogs in need, provide pet Reiki to heal them emotionally and physically, train them to be great companion animals and adopt them out to their forever homes where they can live happily ever after.  


Reiki Dog

Reiki Dog was created with love, light and positive energy toward all living creatures, great and small.

I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher Level Practitioner and Certified by The Angel Quest Healing Center as an Energy and Spiritual Healing Practitioner. I have studied under some of the best known Reiki Teachers and Angel Therapy Practitioners in the field and continue to take courses in energy healing and angel healing therapies.

Our mission at Reiki Dog is to heal animals through the hands on practice, ongoing research and education of Reiki Healing Energy. Reiki Dog is dedicated to helping our pets and wildlife live healthy, balanced and happy lives. 

The gift of providing Reiki for animals at wildlife rehabilitation centers and pet Reiki to domestic pets has been a blessing to me, it is my goal to share the beautiful gift of Reiki healing energy with every living soul that I can reach.

Reiki Dog is located in Northern New Jersey, we provide hands on Reiki Healing treatments to the Bergen County, Passaic County and Morris County areas, however animal Reiki as well as human Reiki can be given remotely to recipients anywhere in the world!

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