Giving Back With Animal Reiki

Volunteering Globally


I started volunteering globally with two groups in Mexico, CANDI International and Isla Animals. These groups work hard to save the lives of stray dogs and cats in Mexico through spay, neuter, adoption and educational programs. They are supported and funded by the tourism industry, travelers and pet lovers. Pictured is a local female street dog that I assisted in the post-op area at one of the clinics that I volunteered for, she was in recovery getting lots of love after having her spay surgery. These clinics are amazing, they prevent so many innocent animals from being born into pain, suffering and inhumane conditions. 

Volunteering Locally


Representing the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, I visited WDHA 105.5 New Jersey's Rock Radio Station and radio personality Terrie Carr with Pocket, a special needs puppy who is blind and a senior dog named Tracker who came from a puppy mill. Tracker was caged his entire life until he was rescued. Terrie is a big animal advocate, she has a special segment called Rock and Ruff that promotes pet adoption.

FOWA Rescue


I have been a volunteer with FOWA Rescue located in Northern New Jersey for over ten years! This fantastic group never stops amazing me! The volunteers and members of FOWA Rescue are the best, they go to great lengths for each and every animal. FOWA Rescue makes a difference and an impact in the world of animal rescue everyday. I am lucky to be part of such an awesome group!

Animal Friends of Franklin Lakes


Animal Friends of Franklin Lakes is committed to providing care, comfort and compassion to injured and orphaned wildlife and finding forever homes for stray and abandoned domestic animals. I have had the honor of working with the staff of Animal Friends of Franklin Lakes as a volunteer to transport wildlife to rehabilitation groups where they are able to rest, heal and recover until they can be released back into the wild.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Groups


Wildlife Rehabilitators treat and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife. They work hard to make the public aware of the problems that our beautiful wildlife are facing in society today by teaching the public how to live in harmony with all of the earth's valuable and precious creatures. Do a search in your area for local rescue groups and fill out a volunteer application to start helping with these precious little angels, it is amazing to see them get stronger during their rehabilitation process and then released back into the wild strong and healthier.

Rescue Group


Another Rescue Group Coming soon!

Just A Few Of My Furry Rescues

My Mexican Puppies


In Mexico any day can start out with a call to help a litter of puppies. One day Dalilah, a woman who worked for me when I lived there asked for help with a litter of puppies that were at her home. Of course I helped. After receiving medical care, vaccinations and papers to travel, each puppy was adopted and transported to the United States and Canada. They all lived happily ever after!



Minnie is another rescue dog from Georgia. My sister took Minnie in after she fell ill during her transport to New Jersey. She never left my sister's house, Minnie is now another little happy Jersey dog!

Princess and Janice


Some of the many FOWA Transport Cuties from down south. This is Princess and Janice on the day they arrived in NJ!



Starr! Starr was such a sweet little puppy, she was one of my foster pups from Georgia. Starr is now called Georgia and she lives with one of my best friend's in New Jersey.

Dixie and Kitty


Another lucky FOWA Rescue dog and one of my favorites.



Sugar... This dog stole my heart the minute I laid my eyes on her! Her name is fitting she is a super sweet girl from Georgia. Sugar lives in a loving home with wonderful people