Brandon's Tails


Brandon was my best friend and partner in crime!

Brandon was adopted at just six weeks old, his little eyes were still blue, he shook in fear not knowing what his future would hold. He had a tough start, he and his litter mates were tossed out like yesterday's trash with their mother tied to a tree in Newark NJ. He is the very reason I became a Reiki Master Practitioner.


Brandon may have had a rough start but he lived to be 15 years old and had the best life a dog could ever dream of! He was well cared for, ate only the best food, exercised daily and he had Reiki sessions a few times per week for overall health and wellness. Reiki Dog was created because of Brandon and the osteoarthritis that he developed later in life. Brandon received his Reiki treatments with great enthusiasm, typical of his quirky personality, he responded by slowly falling over on his side, grunted a few times, he would stretch out real long and then he would look at me like he appreciated every minute of the Reiki energy that he recieved, after the session was finished he would take a nice peaceful nap!

Brandon was my best friend and partner in crime! I always wondered how I could possibly go on when the day came that we would say goodbye and look each other in the eye for the very last time. Now that that day has come, I do feel an empty space that I am sure I will never fill again in this lifetime. Brandon was my "Soul Dog" we shared a bond that was very special. Brandon taught me a lot about loyalty, unconditional love and how to be more lighthearted, he was always at my side. He also brought me to a place where I have the abilty to help as many dogs, cats and animals as I can reach with Reiki Healing Energy. 

I feel that dog ownership is a privilege and I was very lucky to share my life with such a smart and quirky little dog, a beautiful soul that always seemed to make me smile every day of our lives together for 15 amazing years! 

Brandon’s Tails is a page dedicated to Brandon and all of the happy “tails” that we shared together, filled with lots of adventures, love, laughter, barks and growls!

“In Memory of My Precious Boy Brandon"

    September 5, 2002 – October 11, 2017

 Brandon, My Best Friend!